Sunday, 28 February 2016

Retuning to to real

Today I have been thinking about why people are retuning to vinyl. The truth is it sounds so much better, so direct. We have a record player from the 1960s and it sounds so much better than anything digital. I think it is the same with film. More film makers seem to be turning back to real film realising that digital isn't quite good enough yet. Then I though that actually this relates to still images too. Photographs and digital art have their place, but there is nothing quite like looking at an original oil painting that is rich and involved and about the artist as much as the image. People flick through thousands of images on their phones, PCs and tablets every day and won't often study one for very long. A good oil painting can can stop you in your tracks, completely blow your mind and most of all make you feel like a member of he human race.


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  2. Your work does that. I always stop to study it. It appears simple in design, but isn't! It's always wonderful.

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