About Me

Hi, I am an artist living and working out of a studio in Sheffield, England.

I love to paint and appreciate any feedback on my work, so let me know what you think.  If you would like to commission a painting then please e-mail.


  1. LOVE your work....especially 'Time for Tea' and 'Chinese Porcelain'! I have bookmarked your site and 'Liked" you on Facebook....in hopes of purchasing one of your pieces.

  2. you aught to come to the land of much sun, costa del sol, great place for capturing people, sea, memories etc.. you would love it, recommend you visit fuengirola go for walk to castle, from the sea to the people and culture and blend of tourists you would have great time and achieve many painting, fantastic lighting etc.. could advice on things if interested charlespxa@gmail.com You have great tallent in painging well done. Hope you dont go mad with fading eyesight, yet again the lighting here is great its not far from Picaso birthplace Malaga.