Monday, 13 May 2013

The good and the bad

Fruit jellies or tomatoes - which do you prefer?  Personally I prefer fruit jellies.  I ate five of of them today so that's my five-a-day covered.  Will have to stop painting food soon - getting fat.  I find it difficult to write something on my blog because sometimes I think nobody is looking - boo hoo!  I have called the tomato painting 'Sfumato Tomato'.  Sfumato was a trick developed by renaissance artists and some say Leonardo was the first to do it.  Sfumato means literally smoke and involves the blurring of edges to make the painting look more realistic - as I have attempted to do with the tomatoes in the background.  You need look no further than the Mona Lisa herself to see this technique being used very well indeed by Leonardo.  Because of photography we are used to seeing things out of focus in pictures now, but I imagine that Leonardo's audience would been amazed a wanted to reach out and touch the image.  If you are lucky enough to go and see the Mona Lisa do not reach out and touch it.  You will be arrested!  My work for the day is over and tonight I am going to see my friend Steve in his magic show.  He is very good - check out his website


  1. I know the feeling as regards posting something and getting no feedback. I always look at your paintings though ... and I'm always impressed.

    I've changed my mobile no . so I'll let you have it. Hope things are going well and you're not missing the law too much ;-)

  2. Ah me too. If you read websites about blogging it's a common feeling. Just yesterday i heard it being described as just 'typing into a grey box'. The secret is to just keep going and encourage people to share. I love your writing style and find it genuinely interesting. Passion breed passion so keep going sir. The paintings are stunning should be seen by many.

  3. Shucks, thanks you guys. Great show last night Steve. Last act was great. You both have lots of followers so I know blogging works. Charlie gets millions of hits. He is a blogging superstar.

  4. Oh James ... you sweet talker you ...

  5. My home is becoming a James Coates art gallery. Then you go and do it again. Strawberries in yet another pose looking so inviting!

    1. And another on the easel I'm afraid Carol. I wasn't planning in more strawberries for a while, but then I saw the first English strawberries of the year. They are so perfect, smaller than the others I have painted. Will finish it tomorrow.

  6. Seriously amazing talent, such a wonderful artist!